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Joe Miller

Gamer Conclave
Began gaming while in the Army serving in Korea. First game I played was Panzer Blitz. Once I arrived at Ft. Knox I started playing AD&D 1st Edition. From here I moved to Chicago and began gaming with new friends and  formed a group call the  MGM, Grand Gaming Association which later became Game Base 7. Around this time I joined the RPGA (original number 1186) and started writing modules mostly in the AD&D line. Later started writing some Star Wars D6 for the RPGA but in the due course of time the Star Wars license was lost. What to do? How about starting a Star Wars group of our own? So in 1993 we did just that and so the Sparks Campaign was born. About this time I got very active in organizing conventions and was one of the original people who started up the Concentric Game events at the Ramada  Hotel O'hare. Much  later the  remaining  members of the group started the Conception Gaming Convention which eventually moved to the College of Dupage 10 years ago.  So come on by and lets catch up on times. You will fine me at the Game Library, the 18XX gaming area, the Rail Game area or perhaps in the AD&D 1st Edition area.